Aircraft Maintance Engineering + B.E.(AME)

It is an integrated course which combines AME license and B.E.(AME) degree. Through this, students will appear for two different examinations for issue of Degree and Licence. Both the courses will be running parallel to each other, at the end of four years students will have both  Aircraft Maintenance Engineering license & B.E.(Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) degree, their by making him eligible for both manufacturing as well Maintenance jobs related to aircrafts. This will also enhance the placement probabilities as students are able to apply for jobs either as AME or B.E. related.

Aircraft Maintance Engineering + B.E. (AME) Course Duration

AME with B.E.(AME) with course duration is of 4 years. The academic knowledge will be gathered at our institute and live training will be held in flying environment such as Airlines, MRO etc. After completion of academic programme candidate has to undergo practical training for where stipend will be provided to the candidates. After clearing the modules and practical training license will be issued by DGCA.

Aircraft Maintance Engineering + B.E.(AME) Fee structure

The fee structure for integrated course is 4 lakhs for whole course.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering license

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering licenses are subcategorised into the following :-

  1. License B1.1:- Category B1.1 licence holder issue certificate regarding the maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of aeroplane with jet engine.
  2. License B2 :- Category B2 license holder issue certification regarding the maintenance , repair and troubleshooting of electrical and electronic system of aircrafts.

Career opportunities

Based on the graduation, candidate can apply for the exams:-

  • Bank
  • UPSC
  • Anywhere B.E students are required

Based on the AME license, candidate can opt for the following career opportunities:-

  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhauls (MROs)
  • Flying Clubs
  • Civil Defence Forces
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies